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Exciting news is echoing through the stands of Pride Park!

Derby County FC, a club rich in history and tradition, faced a unique challenge at Pride Park. With the desire to enhance the matchday experience with safe standing seating by Stadia by GL events, while preserving the special memories embedded in existing seating. The club sought an innovative solution for the south stand/upper section of the southeast corner.

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The objective of the initiative was fourfold: firstly, to introduce 5000+ safe standing seats; secondly, to align with the Sports Ground Safety Authority to secure approval for the incorporation of safe standing areas elsewhere in the stadium; thirdly, to preserve the sentimental value embedded in the existing seating with historical significance; and finally, to create a dynamic matchday atmosphere.

Retro Fit Safe Standing Seats

In the pursuit of these goals, the implementation of Stadia by GL events retro fit safe standing seats, seamlessly integrated with the existing seating structure, ensuring fans could maintain the sentimental connection to their old seats.

“We’ve colour co-ordinated the barriers to align with current lettering in the stand, fans will still be able to see the Derby identity moving forward.” Simon Wake, GL events, Project Manager

The introduction of safe standing will not only transform Pride Park into a more vibrant and dynamic space but also foster a renewed energy during matchdays, resonating with both long-time supporters and newcomers alike.

Final Whistle

Additionally, the strategic design of the safe standing section prioritised unobstructed views, contributing to an enhanced overall viewing experience for fans. This comprehensive approach successfully achieved the objectives set forth, balancing modernisation with the preservation of the club’s rich history.

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Fans have been voting with their feet and demonstrating that they want safe standing…We’ve worked hard with clubs and the industry, to make this happen in a safe way, and now we can licence grounds to achieve that.

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