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Stadium Product Range

Expert stadium seating solutions

Maximising comfort and experience

For Club Owners, Stadium Facilities Managers, and Stadium Operations Directors seeking state-of-the-art stadium seating solutions, Stadia by GL events is your one-stop destination. Our range encompasses everything from premium seating for discerning VIPs to general admission stadium seats, ensuring every fan has a comfortable spot.

General Admission Seating

Robust and reliable solutions for every stadium and budget

Rail Seating

Fully certified barrier seating for safe standing

Premium Seating

Luxurious stadium seating for executive enclosures and hospitality spaces

Dugout Seating

Providing superior player comfort in the dugout and at the training ground

Comprehensive Stadium Seating Products

Additionally, we recognise the modern demand for safe standing rail seating, offering fans an immersive game-day experience. Beyond general admission and barrier seating, we’re proud to offer cutting-edge dugout seats, versatile modular grandstands, and innovative retractable tunnels.

With Stadia by GL events, you’re not just investing in spectator seats and stadium infrastructure, but a dynamic matchday experience. Upgrade your venue and enhance fan satisfaction with our tailor-made solutions.

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Why choose a sole supplier for stadium infrastructure?

  1. Consistency in Quality: One supplier means uniformity in products and services, ensuring every element of the stadium meets the same high standards.
  2. Streamlined Communication: Avoid the hassle of juggling multiple suppliers. With a single point of contact, discussions, modifications, and requests are straightforward.
  3. Cost-Effective: Bundling services and products can lead to bulk discounts and reduced overall costs. Plus, your administrative overheads are minimised when dealing with a single supplier.
  4. Time-Saving: Simplify procurement processes, from ordering to delivery, ensuring quicker turnaround times and prompt implementation.
  5. Unified Vision: A sole supplier can fully grasp the overarching objectives for your stadium, leading to successful outcomes.
  6. Integrated Solutions: Easier integration of products and services. For instance, seating might be designed to perfectly match safety systems, existing colour schemes or other stadium features.
  7. Easier Accountability: In the rare event of issues or disputes, having a single supplier means there’s clear responsibility, making problem resolution simlpe and efficient.
  8. Tailored Services: Over time, as your sole supplier, we can better understand the unique needs and nuances of your stadium, offering more personalised solutions and advice.
  9. Enhanced Relationship Building: Cultivating a long-term relationship with one supplier can lead to better mutual understanding, trust, and often preferential terms or early access to new products and innovations.
  10. Risk Mitigation: Reduce the complexities of managing multiple contracts and the risks associated with varying terms, conditions, and quality assurances.

By entrusting your stadium’s infrastructure to a single supplier, you can focus on enhancing the fan experience while leaving the intricacies of maintenance and development in the capable hands of Stadia by GL events!

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